Monthly archive of August 2009

Into the imagined forest

Friday, den 28. August 2009

This evening I discovered a stunning essay by Richard Hacken on the Germans and their woods : Into the imagined woods. Best of all it comes with a lot of interesting illustrations and Mr. Hacken definitely got it right!

In the woods – a monotype print

Tuesday, den 25. August 2009

Sometimes it is necessary to try at least a breakout or an escape from the usual routine to find new ways. This monotype is a combination of an oil color drawing, a “regular monotype” and some painting on paper. I kept this work, which seems not to comply to any kind of appropriate technique or [...]

Drawing of a spruce tree finished – final session

Sunday, den 16. August 2009

The sketches of a spruce tree are finished now. On the third and last evening session I tried to draw the full tree. I took simple measurements with a wooden stick to learn about the proportions : Ratio of tree top and total height, width of the trunk and lateral expansion of the tree top. [...]

Drawing a Spruce tree – the next session

Monday, den 10. August 2009

On the weekend ther was time for another visit to the forest at another day of time, in the morning. I like to revisit my motifs also at different times of day with different lighting. Most people do not reckognise this in the finished drawing, even when shadows fall in different directions.I tried to capture [...]

Drawing a spruce tree

Friday, den 7. August 2009

Some time back I started to keep a sketchbook in A3 Format which is only for studies in our nearby forests (Waldtagebuch). Yesterday evening I began to draw an old spruce tree. The trunk of about 30 meters height and the tree top can be seen fully as a dark silhouette against the sky. The [...]

Feature of the week – Albrecht Rissler

Wednesday, den 5. August 2009

Today I want to point out to some outstanding tree drawings by a German artist named Albrecht Rissler. It is ever surprising how many great artists are out there on the net and you stumble on them only by incident. (Thanks Katherine for that one!)Albrecht Rissler is born 1944 and made a career from self-taught [...]