Drawing of a spruce tree finished – final session

spruce tree drawingThe sketches of a spruce tree are finished now. On the third and last evening session I tried to draw the full tree. I took simple measurements with a wooden stick to learn about the proportions : Ratio of tree top and total height, width of the trunk and lateral expansion of the tree top. I used a small bristle brush to draw the masses of the needles and work over those areas with a metal feather later. There is a special silence in the woods, that I enjoy entirely. The sounds of August are coming the fruits of oak and beech trees fall down with typical sounds, only very few birds,mainly woodpeckers, can be heard.

Fichte Stamm und Krone Tuschezeichnung, Edition Handdruck

I left the drawings partly unfinished. Viewers can see better how the drawing was made, unfinished drawings inspire the fantasy of viewers more than totally executed ones too

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