Monthly archive of September 2009

Trees are good – The national tree benefit calculator

Friday, den 25. September 2009

Drawing trees means getting involved and interested in their live. Most of us know that trees are good, for the environment. But how good are they? There are numerous attempts to quantify the benefits of trees. All of the calculation models have their weaknesses, but at least one can get a bit of an idea. [...]

Drawing a forest – who can do it ?

Thursday, den 17. September 2009

Some people can, for example the swedish artist Om Jan Tenow. He does terrific charoal landscape drawings in an amazing format. His works take you on an areal trip over coniferous forests with myriads of tiny trees. Here is the link to the inspiring work: Charcoal drawings by Om Jan Tenow The image of today [...]

Online tree drawing tutorials: How to draw tree

Thursday, den 17. September 2009

I am an avid collector of online tree drawing tutorials. There are many of them out there and quite a number are good ones.For today I have picked a 15 Page tutorial : Guide to tree sketching by Claire Walke Leslie, which I find very suitable for beginners too.Mrs. Leslie explains many aspects of a [...]

Fruit trees – study in sepia – learning from van Gogh

Friday, den 11. September 2009

Vincent van Gogh is famous for his paintings that are a common place by uncounted reproductions. His drawings are less well known, but it seems that they are re-discovered again. The developement van Gogh took in drawing from academic style to his very own idiom is remarkable. I selected some examples of tree drawings by [...]

Drawing trees in series

Sunday, den 6. September 2009

There is a weblog in my reader which sometimes seems to come to a complete halt, but I like it too much to delete it from the subscription. The reason : it is a very good one from my point of view and it is about drawing.So for quite some time I am Awaiting a [...]

Looking at trees from different sides – photographic tableau

Friday, den 4. September 2009

It is very rewarding to look at the same trees from different sides and to study them again and again. Many trees are good old friends of mine and I re-visit them regularly. Each time I find something new and surprising, some changes that have taken place, which tell about time and age. Today I [...]