Online tree drawing tutorials: How to draw tree

quick sketches of trees in winter, ballpen drawings

I am an avid collector of online tree drawing tutorials. There are many of them out there and quite a number are good ones.
For today I have picked a 15 Page tutorial : Guide to tree sketching by Claire Walke Leslie, which I find very suitable for beginners too.
Mrs. Leslie explains many aspects of a tree drawing. What I find particularly helpful are her (handwritten) instructions on her demonstration drawings, which explain exactly what she did.
One can print out the file and there are empty pages inserted for own studies.

Many of her instructions are very similar to my own findings I have put down in an instruction sheet “How to draw a pine tree“.

Todays blog illustration shows a sketchbook page dated from December 2004. I made quick notes of trees with a ball pen to study forms and proportions and colored from memory with watercolors at home. The winter 2004 was a relative warm one no snow to see at that time.

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