Monthly archive of October 2009

Beech trunk and branches

Saturday, den 31. October 2009

Went out in the afternoon to scout the place I want to see next for an autumn color chart. Since clocks have been changed it is getting dark already at 5 pm, just enough time to study the trunk of a beech tree and those bigger branches of the tree top.

Drawing branches

Thursday, den 29. October 2009

The next blog posts are dedicated to drawing tree branches. One of the mopst interesting parts of a branch is the base of the branch, the connection between the trunk and the branch. The older the tree and branches are the more a kind of “shoulder” gets visible. The pen drawing above shall illustrate these [...]

Autumn and Winter – The time to look at branches

Friday, den 23. October 2009

The time is coming that our trees stand bare of leaves. Drawing trees in winter is a special delight as the beauty of their branches can be seen in full. At the same time vistas are possible that have been obscured by leaves during summer. I found an interesting blog post about branching on sevensixfive [...]