Monthly archive of November 2009

Drawing tree tops and their branches using negative forms

Sunday, den 29. November 2009

Using so called negative forms or space is a popular method to relax from concentrated observation on drawing outlines of a subject. Instead of following the outline of the tree branches one can shift the view to the empty space in between. Those closed forms of sky patches are often easier to outline than following [...]

Tracing a tree – learning proportions in drawing

Thursday, den 19. November 2009

Tracing a subject is a widely used technique in the art and illustration world. I do not want to discuss the question whether tracing is a kind of “cheat”, as it can be done with less dexterity than a freehand drawing, or not. This post is about learning proportions in drawing. Once I got so [...]

Oak tree and branches

Friday, den 6. November 2009

Todays illustration is a small 5X7 detail sketch of an oak tree trunk and how it branches out. Compared with the works of the artist Amy Talluto, found via Design Squish blog, my drawing looks quite humble. Amy Tattulo has an amazing drawing portfolio on her website with smashing, realistic graphite drawings of trees and [...]