Monthly archive of December 2009

Drawing a willow tree – with the controlled hand

Thursday, den 31. December 2009

Some time of the last hours in 2009 I have spent sitting in front of a willow tree, which I want to have in the collection of ink drawings made in an indian landscape book,which is in fact a photo album with a cover made from an old sari. In this sketchbook I work slowly [...]

Drawing the shape of trees

Thursday, den 17. December 2009

I love to draw the shape of a tree. Usually I start at the top and sketch the outline downwards. In this pen sketch I tried to identify areas with the same tonality and marked them with more or less dense hatches. I have seen works of painters who were able to work with 7-9 [...]

Drawing under an umbrella – The apple tree

Monday, den 7. December 2009

Rainy days can be great for drawing, if the rain is not too heavy. This little study of an apple tree, trunk and and a big branch, was drawn while sitting under an umbrella. The one I have has a little rope at the top which I use to hang it into low branches of [...]