Monthly archive of March 2010

Trees as landscape elements

Sunday, den 21. March 2010

Trees are important landscape elements. Especially close to or within residential areas trees can make a place look great even though the architecture is not so great. Quite often I have drawn and sketched the trees near our neighbour village named Schmie. End of last year I visited same place at dusk again. These apple [...]

How to draw tree tops

Sunday, den 14. March 2010

Drawing tree tops is a bit frightening in view of the many details. More than in any other part of a tree drawing the artist is confronted with limits of depiction. In this little form study in India ink on a glossy artprint paper I have chosen a very simple way of escape. There are [...]

Turning a tree landscape sketch into a postcard

Saturday, den 6. March 2010

Art postcard Tree landscape by editionha postcard printing by Heavy snow fall during the night and this morning took us back into winter. Therefore I spent the morning hours in the printing studio converting a small oilpastels sketch into to a monotype print. The sketch was done on the very same fruit tree meadow,which [...]