Monthly archive of May 2010

How to draw grass?

Sunday, den 30. May 2010

Session number six today was mostly about the grass and the meadow. I continued to draw from a different perspective, which was convenient as there were rainshowers and low temperatures. Shelter was found under the roof of an old stone hut. There is still a bit works to do at one of the trunks, but [...]

Ink drawing of a fruit tree meadow

Monday, den 24. May 2010

I had the chance to continue this drawing on a fruit tree meadow in a 5th session on this long weekend. The perspective had to be changed as the horses had occupied the place again already two weeks ago.

Blooming spring trees – design of a tree poster

Saturday, den 15. May 2010

This gouache study was painted after I had developed some ideas in a number of thumbnail sketches with the intention to create a poster and card motif. The print is now available in my Zazzle Store Also I am exploring simple monotype effects in works with gouache colors. The white I have used is a [...]

Sketching trees in lousy weather

Friday, den 14. May 2010

The weather has been to cold and moist for my taste during these early days of May. The rain did not alow me to continue with the bigger drawing, instead I played on small format paper with ink and pen. The quick notations below, shall serve as preliminary image ideas for monotype printing.

Drawing apple and other fruit trees

Sunday, den 2. May 2010

I always liked those fruit tree meadows around my home. They cover only a fairly small percentage of the land, but especially in spring season they are a highlight in the landscape. One can hardly believe that in Baden-Württemberg the total area of those meadows with pear, apple, plum and cherry trees has been reduced [...]