Monthly archive of June 2010

Drawing in the heat

Wednesday, den 30. June 2010

Summer has arrived in a rush now. Temperatures went up to 30°C during the last couple of days. The ink drawing of a fruit tree meadow made further progress. The end is not near yet, funny enough I look forward to the many leaves that are waiting for me to be drawn somehow.

What is good drawing ? Looking into a knothole

Monday, den 21. June 2010

What is good drawing? This question comes up quite naturally when a couple of artists or art lovers meet and start to discuss their subject of interest. Defining good drawing seems to be as difficult as defining good painting as soon as the question of accurate or academic representation is left. But even getting over [...]

Looking not thinking – big size ink drawing

Wednesday, den 16. June 2010

Even though the weather in this part of good old Germany must be classified as lousy considering we have already mid of June, there are still a couple of afternoons that allow to go out with a big sheet of paper (46X61 cm). This ink drawing is progressing step by step. Looking, not thinking, in [...]