Monthly archive of July 2010

The end is near – apple tree orchard drawing in ink

Wednesday, den 21. July 2010

The leaves are growing slowly in a slow year

Tuesday, den 13. July 2010

It is funny how each year gets it’s own character by the variations in the seasons that I notice while drawing and sketching outdoors. Last year became the year of the forest with the diary I had started without knowing how it would all turn out. This year seems to become a time of slow [...]

A funny little drawing of orchard trees – it is hard to look at,lines are vibrating

Thursday, den 8. July 2010

The strong contrast between black lines and white paper can be a challenge for the human eye. When I looked at this simple ink sketch of an apple tree orchard, I noticed that I had difficulties to see the drawing as a whole. As soon as the eye fixates a detail some other lines at [...]