Monthly archive of August 2010

Back in the apple tree orchards

Thursday, den 26. August 2010

Most of my drawing time I have spent in apple tree orchards this year. This is the second larger ink drawing in a sketchbook still in the works. One can get lost in the details of bark and leaves, oin this study I just go on without making a lot of considerations about the end [...]

colour break – gouache sketch apple trees in field

Monday, den 23. August 2010

A walk in the woods – Paperback

Thursday, den 19. August 2010

Waldspaziergang | Make Your Own Book I have put together a quick paperback book, which contains black and white photographs taken on a recent walk in the woods with a handy camera. Two panoramas, the record of 24X25 footsteps and some mushrooms are included. This is not about perfection or beauty in photography. Some of [...]

Apple tree orchard drawing finished

Monday, den 16. August 2010

Last week the ink drawing started some time in June was finished. Here one can see the stages of this drawing in size of ca. 18″X24″.

A study of bark and leaves

Thursday, den 5. August 2010

I have turned the page in my big sketchbook about three weeks ago. Another ink drawing to document some of our local orchards is developing step by step. Returning again and again to the same place to draw is an interesting experience. Illustrator Penelope Dullaghan blogs about the Terra Places Project, it is tempting to [...]