Monthly archive of September 2010

Tree landscape – improvisation

Monday, den 20. September 2010

This landscape painting is the result of a spontaneous experiment with a rather wild mixture of various media on paper. Autumn becomes already visible here and there in nature, greens seem to get softer and muted.

Stromberg – Landscape with distant trees

Monday, den 13. September 2010

This small gouache sketch is a plein air study of a vernacular landscape. The shapes of the hills with only 300-400 meter height was formed millions of years ago. The erosion was stopped by the sandstone layers on top of the hills. Typcally the north side and the top of the hills are covered with [...]

Drawing bark with ink

Tuesday, den 7. September 2010

I spent the last sitting with drawing the bark of the big trunk in the foreground until a wind shock blew my little ink vessel across the sheet. The ink went onto my right arm and into the sleeve of my jacket. And that was it for the day. I forgot to fix the pages [...]

Tree landscape – gouache sketch

Wednesday, den 1. September 2010

Yesterday the rainy weather with thunderstorms ceased, a chance for another small gouache sketch of distant trees and a forested mountain. Everything is still very green, but autumn is already in the air. Crows gather in groups and strutt across the meadows and empty fields.