Monthly archive of December 2010

Happy New Year – Forest sketch on the last day of the year 2010

Friday, den 31. December 2010

We had lots of snow shortly before Christmas. It was coming down like rain. Two times snow shoveling on the 24th of December and about 40 cm of snow in the woods. I did a short excursion with the camera, wading through heaps of snow. On Sunday the sun came out in the morning for [...]

Forest diary – the last dead trunk session

Monday, den 13. December 2010

As expected the snow had melted away since my last visit. Temperatures well above zero and some rain removed the white cover of last week almost entirely. While on my way through the woods on this overcast day I noticed the wonderful greens of moist moss on the trunks of beech and oak trees which [...]

Mini landscapes in a sketchbook

Tuesday, den 7. December 2010

These mini landscapes are another exercise for drawing from memory and for inventing landscape compositions with trees. With purpose I tried to imitate some 18th and 19th century recipes. After all this picture is only an excuse to put a link here to the great linocuts of Antje Seemann. I could see some of her [...]

More snow in the forest diary

Sunday, den 5. December 2010

There has been more snow during this week. Now there is a 15-20 cm thick white cover, but today temperatures went up and rain is the forecast for tonight. Tracks of wild boars and roe deers are everywhere. I could see the bites of the roe deers on the few blackberry leaves left. Once again [...]