Monthly archive of January 2011

Ice on the pond,a mini tutorial for a gouache sketch

Monday, den 31. January 2011

Today I try to explain a bit how I do the gouache sketches in my forest diary. Step1: It begins with the choice of place and the preparation of the sketchbook which I lay on the forest ground. I always have two clams which I attach to the top edges of the paper to avoid [...]

Trying to put it on postcards for a while

Sunday, den 23. January 2011

There is a new link on the blogroll named “Postcard from my walk“. This is a little project that some 14 people will participate in over the next 13 months. Each month we will try to put something what we see on our walks through landscape (or somewhere else) on a postcard and send it [...]

Draw trees by Norman Battershill – cheap and good

Wednesday, den 19. January 2011

“Draw trees” by Norman Battershill is another cheap publication in my collection of books on drawing trees. The first publication was in 1980 and the paperback version I bought is from 2004. There is not much text in this book, but what a text! I would love to quote the first chapter “Making a start” [...]

Trunk of a beech tree – gouache sketch

Sunday, den 16. January 2011

Coming back to the place I had begun my last forest diary study in drizzling rain I found that an important part of my subject had been harvested. Somehow I regret that not much of the first steps was left in the final stage of this study, even though a bit of sun was a [...]

How to draw a tree – a book by Gregory Brown

Wednesday, den 12. January 2011

Cathy Gatland , artist and illustrator in South Africa, kindly pointed me to a drawing book with a very similar title as my own little pamphlet on tree drawing “How to draw trees” by Gregory Brown was published in June 1940 and was reprinted five times. The sixth impression was published in May 1944. I [...]

Applied tree sketching – Stop hunting of teddy bears!

Monday, den 10. January 2011

No hunting of Teddy bears! by editionhaBrowse more Hunting T-Shirts This is a case of applied tree drawing: The non teddy bear hunting T-shirt available fresh from the printer.