Draw trees by Norman Battershill – cheap and good

pencil drawing, landscape with trees, study after Norman Battershill

“Draw trees” by Norman Battershill is another cheap publication in my collection of books on drawing trees. The first publication was in 1980 and the paperback version I bought is from 2004. There is not much text in this book, but what a text! I would love to quote the first chapter “Making a start” in full, but with respect to the copyright I want to quote only a few sentences.

“The time you spend on a drawing is not important. A ten-minute sketch can say more than a slow, painstaking drawing that takes many hours”
“To do an interesting drawing, you must enjoy it…The less you think about how you are drawing and the more you think about what you are drawing, the better your drawing will be.”
“Be as bold as you dare….”

I tried hard to find some superflous words or sentence in the book, no chance. This gentlemen does not waste your time. After long years of own drawing I can say that the text is the essence of what is possible to say about drawing trees. The book introduces the reader quickly to many different drawing media and papers on three pages. After that numerous example drawings illustrate how to draw trees. Norman Battershill studies trees always as an element of landscape, which is great in my opinion as the student learns about composition and gets prepared to the real situation in a landscape.

The drawings are very inspiring. The tour through different media like pencil, charcoal and ink motivate for own explorations.  I would not recommend this book to readers who want to see very detailed, super realistic drawings of  foliage , leaves or bark., rather than to those who are interested to learn how to learn lively drawing and skethcing of entire trees as part of landscape studies.

The two quick studies in this post are done after one of the drawings by Norman Battershill. The top is a HB pencil study (not my preferred medium) and at the bottom is a study in black oilpastel.

oilpastel sketch after NOrman Battershill, trees in a landscape with farmstead

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  1. Jon Warden

    Norman Battershill is a very inspiring author and artist!

  2. Antonio

    The way you draw trees is very interesting. I would love to do some collaborating with you. Check me out and let me know what you think.

  3. Martin

    hello Antonio , thank you for your visit. I am very busy with my own projects,so no chance for new things.

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