How to draw a tree – a book by Gregory Brown

Lombardy Poplar ,pen sketch after Gregory BrownCathy Gatland , artist and illustrator in South Africa, kindly pointed me to a drawing book with a very similar title as my own little pamphlet on tree drawing
“How to draw trees” by Gregory Brown was published in June 1940 and was reprinted five times. The sixth impression was published in May 1944. I snatched a used copy via amazon. Isn`t it remarkable that even in the grim times of WWII there was an interest in such a subject? I enjoyed the read entirely and I am not surprised that the book must have been at least for some time a success as it offers many delicate and inspiring line drawings on 64 pages. The text is easy to read and has many tips for beginners in drawing trees. After the introduction and a short excursion to materials there are 32. plates with drawings of branches, leaves and full trees that can be found in England. Each plate is accompanied with explanatory text.
The drawing on the left is a quick study after one of the drawings by Gregory Brown (Lombardy poplar) to show the characteristics of the illustrations. All drawings, with a few exceptions,are line drawings which make careful use of the line in order not to overload the drawing. No cross hatchings at all can be seen. I observed the same sort of ” drawing school” here in Germany in publications until the mid 1970′s. In those times excessive use of lines or even cross hatching were not en vogue.
This little book is a nice addition to my collection. I want to recommend other cheap, but more modern books on drawing trees in coming posts.

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