Rainy day in March – Forest diary gouache sketch

gouache sketch, rainy day in the woods, background
Second step, gouache sketch, forest diary
3rd step, gouache sketch, working to the foreground,in the woods
Adding trees in the foreground step 4 gouache sketch, forest diary
Forest diary, gouache sketch, rainy day in the woods, final state

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On this rainy day I headed straigth to a hut in the woods. There was this typical laundry kind of smell in the air,temperatures well over 10°C and high moisture. The woodpeckers where very busy, but also other birds. I could identify a new bird, a warbler To work protected on the porch of the big hut was a kind of luxury, sitting in the dry makes the rain even more lovely. As usual I worked my way from the sky and distant background forward to the foreground.

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  1. John Dyhouse

    Fascinating collection, I really do find great inspiration in your style. I am trying to achieve the feeling of depth which youe achieve in these sketches.

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