Sketching in rain – Douglas fir and spruce tree forest

Douglas fir and spruce tree forest, photo

It was already raining a bit when I left home. First birds could be heard, especially the woodpeckers were very busy, spring is coming soon. I sat down in a dark, young douglas fir and spruce tree forest. Green algae covered some of the trunks and contrasted with the dark wet bark. The wind was roaring way up in the tree tops under grey sky.

Forest diary gouache sketch in 4 steps

I got quite a bit of a problem to bring the sketch home. The paper was flooded with color washes and the rain was getting harder. No chance to walk with the open sketchbook. Finally I decided to close the book with a wooden stick between the pages, which was not clever this time. I had to do a bit of repair at home, fix the broken page with tape and revive the trees in the center of the book.

In future I will have a nonwoven cleaning cloth with me to be placed between wet pages. I hope it will absorb the moist color and thus will avoid the mess I got today.

The rain left nice structures on the sheet, I like the washed out look. There is a lot of potential in these unfinished sketches,which I want to explore this summer in a more detailed landscape book in same format. In summer the gouache dries way too fast for my taste, perhaps I will take a spray can with water with me.

douglas fir and spruce forest, gouache sketch from the forest diary
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2 replies zu “Sketching in rain – Douglas fir and spruce tree forest”

  1. alison staite

    How frustrating – but the end result is super!

  2. Hans Lichtenberger

    Es gefällt mir das Du nicht vorm schlechten Wetter aufgegeben hast.Es hat ein sehr schönes Aquarell dabei herausgeschaut.Bravo und liebe Grüße!

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