Monthly archive of April 2011

Drawing now in Paris

Saturday, den 30. April 2011

The show in Paris must have been great. I wish I had been able to see it. The website of DRAWING NOW is a bit odd to navigate: you need to go to the list of galleries and then open each gallery feature to see works. There are many different styles to see from representational [...]

Forest diary – edge of forest study

Monday, den 25. April 2011

Buy this sketch as postcard on Zazzle I had made a mental note of this place on one of my recent excursions through the thickets. A remote place away from the walkers highway. Only the farmers are around on the fields with their spraying machines, but I got this one done before I had to [...]

Forest border – spring landscape

Thursday, den 21. April 2011

Spring is here, every day…almost every hour changes become visible. Spring seems to be the fastest season. In 2-3 weeks all the fresh greens, the white and pinkish blooming will be over. I rushed out after work to do a quick sketch…

Woody debris old tree stump, gouache sketch

Sunday, den 17. April 2011

Buy this sketch as postcard on Zazzle Coarse woody debris is a fascinating world for itself. There is a special program applied in the managed public forest around my home to leave more woody debris in the forests. The intention is to improve the living conditions for natural enemies of forest pests. As a result [...]

Beech forest – forest diary

Wednesday, den 13. April 2011

Buy this sketch as postcard on Zazzle Finally spring is coming. First only the larch trees showed some fresh green, but in the last couple of days the grass is growing greener and the leaves of hornbeam become visible. The birds concert gets more and more polyphonic. A new spring season is at the doorstep, [...]

Drawing tree tops – a simple recipe

Saturday, den 9. April 2011

Recently I updated my microsite about drawing deciduous trees. I used the line sketch above to illustrate basic steps that can help beginners to draw such complicated matter as a tree top. As first step I suggest to draw the shape of the tree in order to get familiar with the proportions of trunk and [...]

Tribute to landscape painter Eric Aho

Thursday, den 7. April 2011

Transfer monotype print by Martin Stankewitz, Maulbronn I made another addition to the link list of my favorite plein air painters. A long time inspiration of mine is Eric Aho, who did lots of great Plein Air painting and now seems to drift towards more free work from memory as you can learn from this [...]

Landscape sketch with trees – common mistakes – do the quiz

Monday, den 4. April 2011

In this quick gouache sketch I noticed some of the common mistakes that can occur in the depiction of trees.It is worth while to watch out how the branches of trees cross or meet. In this case I have circled some of the less favourable spots. Some of the branches of the smaller tree connect [...]