Drawing tree tops – a simple recipe

line drawing of a tree top

Recently I updated my microsite about drawing deciduous trees. I used the line sketch above to illustrate basic steps that can help beginners to draw such complicated matter as a tree top. As first step I suggest to draw the shape of the tree in order to get familiar with the proportions of trunk and tree top. Then bigger groups of leaves along the branches can be mapped, in a next step a more detailed structure of the foliage can be added and finally shadows in hatches can give some more volume to the drawing. This is a simple “recipe” for beginners. Further studies will train the eye and with more and more knowledge of the subject such “recipes” will be obsolete and drawing will evolve very relaxed.

apple orchard ink drawing
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3 replies zu “Drawing tree tops – a simple recipe”

  1. Robyn Sinclair

    Looking at your beautiful apple orchard, Martin and thinking, if only it were that simple. But thank you for the tip.

  2. Maeve

    Beautiful drawings. I’m thinking that for a begginer this probably isn’t the best example, but when I get a bit better I’ll definetley revistit your site.

  3. Martin Stankewitz

    Thank you very much for your interest. I am sure you will learn quickly with regular exercise. Also one should not forget that there are many different ways to Rome :) .

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