Monthly archive of May 2011

The new edition of “How to draw a tree” is available

Saturday, den 28. May 2011

How to draw a tree by Edition Handdruck | Make Your Own Book The little pamphlet on Blurb has grown a bit and comprises now 80 pages instead of the 72 pages in the previous one. The price is unchanged as I stayed within the 80 page limit. The text was edited and extended and [...]

Spring landscape – painting with linocut colours

Tuesday, den 24. May 2011

Buy this painting as postcard on Zazzle Recently I found the water soluble linocut colours by Schmincke in the local art supply store. I could not resist to buy a basic set of magenta,yellow,blue,ochre,sepia and black. The colors are 4 times as expensive as the Schmincke academy gouache. The colors I selected have a minimum [...]

Apple tree foliage – outdoor sketch in gouache colors

Friday, den 20. May 2011

The many spring greens already merge into the more or less uniform,saturated and dull summer green. The images above show how the latest sketch developed. The advantage of gouache is that it is opaque and it is possible to paint in layers. Especially for depicting foliage this property can be very helpful as it is [...]

The tree of codes – source of inspiration

Monday, den 16. May 2011

There are some books one has to have. The tree of codes by Jonathan Safran Foer is one of those for me. Cover graphics and title got my attention immediately. There can be some sort of magic in books, especially in art and artists books, they can spark off ideas or close missing connections. Visual [...]

Pear and apple tree – mapping foilage in a pen line drawing in a Demo slide show

Thursday, den 12. May 2011

This is a little slide shows a line drawing of a pear and an apple tree in several subsequent steps. The first image is a grey scale photograph edited in photoshop elements to make zones in different tonalities visible. On site one can simulate this effect by squinting. After drawing the outline I continued to [...]

Spotlight on Stuart Shils – painter and monotype printmaker

Sunday, den 8. May 2011

Thanks to painting perceptions I learned about Stuart Shils a great painter and monotype printmaker. His portfolio of monotype prints is awesome. But do not miss to have a look at his drawings and sketches. Read here the interview with Stuart Shils on painting perceptions including a 2 part video showing the artist in making [...]

In the green hell – spring foilage is out!

Wednesday, den 4. May 2011

Buy this sketch as postcard on Zazzle Spring and spring landscapes are a big temptation and a source of frustration for painters…trouble is spring foliage does drive people to tears! Unless you do not care and just love to dabble happily with your colours as I did on this beautiful sunny morning in the woods. [...]