Apple tree foliage – outdoor sketch in gouache colors

Apple tree orchard in spring, gouache sketch

The many spring greens already merge into the more or less uniform,saturated and dull summer green. The images above show how the latest sketch developed. The advantage of gouache is that it is opaque and it is possible to paint in layers. Especially for depicting foliage this property can be very helpful as it is possible to put in dark or light any time you want. Also in this case I started with the background and worked from there to the foreground.

By squinting I try to discern areas of dark and light tonality. Then I try to discern 2 tonalities in each of those areas so I would have two lighter and two darker tonalities. In the end I would add two final tonalities lightest lights and darkest darks. As a result the sketch should have about 6 different tonalities,which is not very skilful the least, but for someone like me with a limited graphic mind quite pleasing.

Apple tree orchard, spring foliage study in gouache colors
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Analysis of tonalities in a gouache sketch of apple tree foliage

I removed the color information in a photo editing program and separated different grey values. Indeed the version with 6 values was the best. A final hint on composition: I was not too happy that I added the bare tree trunk on the very left. The comparison with a manipulated version gave final prove that the trunk is superficial. The big trunk was placed with purpose aside from the image center to open the center for the viewer’s eye to wander to the horizon.

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  1. Linda

    Hello,How are we doing. The apple tree folige pictures are wonderful. I bet you had a great day painting it sure looks like it anyways. Thank you for these as always always good.

  2. Hans Lichtenberger

    Großartige Arbeit!Bravo!

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