Pear and apple tree – mapping foilage in a pen line drawing in a Demo slide show

This is a little slide shows a line drawing of a pear and an apple tree in several subsequent steps. The first image is a grey scale photograph edited in photoshop elements to make zones in different tonalities visible. On site one can simulate this effect by squinting. After drawing the outline I continued to describe the foliage more detailed and tried to represent different tonalities with a more or less dense grid of lines. I tried to follow the pattern I saw in the foliage with the gel pen and represented the leaves on the outline of the tree top as little dots. On this occasion I noticed again how much information and insight on a subject is lost in a photograph.
Taking measurements is not a shame :) . It helps a lot to train the hand and eye co-ordination for proper proportion estimates.

how to take measurments with a pen, photo and drawing

Meantime I have turned this drawing into a T-shirt design. The text can be changed in different type,color size etc. I was surprised that this was awarded with a TBA (today’s best award on Zazzle).

Apply Juice Factory shirt shirt
Apply Juice Factory shirt

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