Spring landscape – painting with linocut colours

Spring landscape, painting in linocut colors
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Recently I found the water soluble linocut colours by Schmincke in the local art supply store. I could not resist to buy a basic set of magenta,yellow,blue,ochre,sepia and black. The colors are 4 times as expensive as the Schmincke academy gouache. The colors I selected have a minimum of 4 stars for light fastness out of 5 stars maximum possible (black).

Testing the colors in a plein air landscape study I learned that only very little colour is needed. The 35 ml tubes will be enough until end of this year. As white I used the titan white gouache by Schmincke. The small painting is on a 24X30 cm VANG multi purpose paper at 300 gsm for acrylic,water-color and gouache. I did not pre-stretch the paper, but fixed it with adhesive tape on a plywood sheet. The color was applied in layers. The paper was flooded with water 2 times without much rolling. The colors are vibrant, but will dry to matte appearance. I got the impression that these colors tend to look flat on first use and that it is necessary to work in thin layers to obtain some depth and life. Compared with the simple Caran d’Ache gouache colors the highly pigmented linocut color make a big difference.

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  1. bridget hunter

    I love this work Martin – the lead in with the fields – such lovely composition and colours.

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