Monthly archive of June 2011

Reflections on a pond in the woods

Wednesday, den 29. June 2011

Purchase this sketch as postcard I used the long weekend for another study in the woods. I was tempted to do a study on water already for some time. I like to see the reflections in the water of those muddy holes with yellow bellied toads. Anyway there is this remote pond nearby with a [...]

Edge of forest in Summer , gouache sketch

Saturday, den 25. June 2011

Buy this sketch as postcard After half an hours walk in the woods I noticed that I had forgotten to fill my water bottle (500 ml). So I had to take a little detour through the thicket to reach an artificial fish breeding pond. from there I made my way to the edge of the [...]

A piece of the blue sky framed by beech trees

Tuesday, den 21. June 2011

A piece of beautiful blue sky framed by some beech trees caught my attention, made me stop and do a gouache sketch. I really enjoy the beginning of these sketches when everything is a possibility and the colours can be dropped and splashed around. Buy this sketch as postcard on Zazzle

A path in the woods – gouache sketch from the forest diary

Friday, den 17. June 2011

This is a quiet forest path, people rarely walk here. The birds were very active on this morning. Young woodpeckers made such a noise that I had to choose another place. I regret that I was not able to catch the vivid contrasts of light and shadows in and under the canopy of the trees. [...]

Ink forest – drawing a forest with a brush

Monday, den 13. June 2011

The forest surprises and inspires me each time I go out. Usually before I do anything with my sketchbook in the woods I sit down to make some notes about what is around to see,smell and hear. That helps to make the “connection” to nature, to relax and to get ready for sketching. Today I [...]

Beech and oak trees – forest study in gouache

Thursday, den 9. June 2011

This is a study of a typical forest in the so-called Stromberg area near Maulbronn. Oak and beech trees are the most common trees here. There are some pines trees and only a few areas with spruce and Douglas fir. The images do not need much commentary I think, it is obvious how the sketch [...]

Drawing pine trees in charcoal – a tutorial for

Sunday, den 5. June 2011

During May I have spent a few evenings with some charcoal studies that will be published on Gavin Banns the owner of that site had contacted me kindly asking for permission to use some of my tree drawing material published on Squidoo. He probably asked at the very right moment as I had plans [...]

Young spruce tree forest – graphic effects of light and shadow

Wednesday, den 1. June 2011

There are not many conifer forest around here. Therefore a spruce tree forest of a few acres offers a somewhat exotic atmosphere in comparison to the oak and beech trees. On my last visit I had done a quick ink study of trunks and spent some more time with photographs of the intriguing light and [...]