Young spruce tree forest – graphic effects of light and shadow

spruce tree fotos, graphic effetxs of light and shadow

There are not many conifer forest around here. Therefore a spruce tree forest of a few acres offers a somewhat exotic atmosphere in comparison to the oak and beech trees. On my last visit I had done a quick ink study of trunks and spent some more time with photographs of the intriguing light and shadow effects that are typical for spruce tree forest, which usually tolerate no undergrowth. I decided to come back again for a more detailed sketch and to take a break from the masses of green foliage.

Spruce tree forest, background sketch gouache color

The image above shows the background sketch and the foreground. Then I added the spruce tree trunks from back- to foreground by using bristle brushes in various width. The spruce trunks in light were added at last in a mix of a bit red ochre and titanium white by Schmincke. In wet condition the white can look transparent or a bit greyish, but as soon as it dries the white pigment gets stronger and stronger and covers the under painting very well.

young spruce tree froest, gouache sketch, forest diary sketchbook
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skteching tools, gouache colors, brushes and sketchbook

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  1. Linda

    Hello, Wonderful as always. The charcoal drawing iswonderfulalso.
    Have a great day,what typeof charcoal do you use? Any pencil types, I do not care for the feelof the sticks.

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