Monthly archive of August 2011

Robert Perry landscapes in gouache

Tuesday, den 30. August 2011

Recently I stumbled on the website of Robert Perry,a British landscape painter who works in gouache. Mr. Perry has published an impressive video which shows him in action on location handling a large format gouache painting. In 1993 Mr. Perry put down his job as a teacher and became a full-time artist to support himself [...]

Summer on the beach – visual beach holiday

Friday, den 26. August 2011

Beach life and pleasure poster by editionha This summer has been not so great over here yet, to much rain and cold. But artists are inventive and can turn their desire for the sun into a vision at least. It started with a seagull in my sketchbook and then it took off and expanded into [...]

Going Etsy – special Monotype print offer

Monday, den 22. August 2011

Visit the Etsy shop for details of this print I opened a shop on recently to sell my original monotype prints. The collection in the shop is slowly growing. New works will be added step by step. For some time I will place “special bargain” offers in that shop. Readers of this weblog will [...]

How to draw pine trees in charcoal

Thursday, den 18. August 2011

Some time ago I have written a short tutorial how to draw pine trees in charcoal for The tutorial is published now. I tried to document the drawing process also with some short phone videos, mainly to show the use of a soft eraser to creat structures on bark etc. is a great [...]

Forest diary sketching at a creek, topographical notes and history

Sunday, den 14. August 2011

Today I walked again to a place called “Graubrunnen” (grey fountain). It is a patch of some 50 acres of forest. There are a number of small creeks which fall dry in summer unless there is rain. But nevertheless it is moist there. For me this place is a special, sinister place. During the Nazi-regime [...]

Oil pastel sketch,trees and summer fields

Monday, den 8. August 2011

On hot days oil pastels are very nice to use as they get much softer. Depending on the brand it might even be necessary to keep them in the shade or covered. Sennelier oil pastels melt to almost liquid state in summer heat under direct sun. In this sketch I used a cheap standard student [...]

Sketching the forest ground – mixing colours

Thursday, den 4. August 2011

Buy this sketch as postcard on Zazzle July has been to moist and too cold for the season, but I do not mind. Hot weather is not for me. I prefer 15-19 °Celsius. In other words the weather on 30th of July was perfect this year. Today I wanted to sketch the forest ground, a [...]