Monthly archive of October 2011

A walk around Abbey Maulbronn – some ink sketches and photographs

Friday, den 28. October 2011

Taking a short tour around the Abbey Maulbronn takes not much more than an hour with plenty of time to sketch and take photographs. Spring, Autumn and Winter are the best seasons as to light and colors for a visit to Maulbronn. The view on the quiet lake is beautiful at around 17.30 -18.00 h [...]

Blurb offers ebooks – a new perspective!

Tuesday, den 25. October 2011

The loop closes – last entry in the forest diary

Friday, den 21. October 2011

A couple of days ago I went to the same place I started the forest diary sketchbook on a grey afternoon in January 2009. I started with a humble sketch in ink, black and white,which still reminds me of those insecure days when the financial crisis hit. Now at beginning of autumn 2011 the scenery [...]

1,2,3 -quick gouache sketch, forest in counter light

Friday, den 14. October 2011

This gouache sketch was done rather quickly without building a background first. Instead I started with the tree trunks in black and added the other elements step by step and modifying colours by sketching wet in wet.

Canvas wrap prints a new product on Zazzle

Friday, den 7. October 2011

Zazzle has introduced an new product line recently: Wrapped Canvas prints. This is good news. The prints look great and open a new market for visual artists. See some examples below. The wrap is available in three different thicknesses. The sizes can be customized to standard sizes and any size and ratio between 8 and [...]

Forest nature diary, forest clearing morning

Saturday, den 1. October 2011

Buy this sketch as postcard on Zazzle This sketch was done in two sessions starting as usual from the back and painting/sketching towards the foreground. Each state of the sketch could be seen as a kind of under painting for the next stage. The sequence of images below documents some of the intermediate states of [...]