Monthly archive of November 2011

The present and future of reading

Monday, den 21. November 2011

After reading some of the essays in the book “Exploring new information cultures”(link to the book on amazon, no I get no commission) I am not sure whether this is an entirely off topic post. Reading is not only reading text it is also reading pictures: reading becomes looking. The new media+internet seem to blur [...]

Oak, one tree, three years, 50 paintings – by Stephen Taylor

Friday, den 18. November 2011

The local bookstore has proven indispensable one more time. I found one copy of “Oak,one tree,three years,50 paintings” by the British painter Stephen Taylor lying on top of a pile of art books as if it was left there with purpose to be found by the right buyer. A quick look made clear that I [...]

Mara Korkola – winter tree landscapes

Monday, den 14. November 2011

Today I want to point out to artist Mara Korkola and her small winter landscapes. The format is modest, but somehow the views she paints seem bigger. The presentation in triptych might give to that effect, but does not explain it in full. I like the clarity and stillness in these images which I have seen so [...]

Garden shack and trees in autumn colors, gouache sketch

Friday, den 11. November 2011

At the end of October and beginning of November the colors of autumn seem to peak in our forest and gardens here. I was on the way into the woods but decided to stay on a meadow with some fruit trees and an old garden shack near the forest edge. I am experimenting with primed [...]

What is the connection between banking and (plein air) art?

Thursday, den 10. November 2011

I was amused by a recent blogpost about the ING Art Collection. Somehow I did not get no further clue what the connection between banks and artists is other than what I knew already but wasn’t said in the post : The artists want the money and the banks want public relation. What I understood [...]

Forest Diary re-print – new publication in Blurb bookstore available

Friday, den 4. November 2011

Forest Diary by Martin Stankewitz | Make Your Own Book The re-print of the entire forest diary sketchbook is now available as color paperback in the Blurb bookstore. The book preview shows the all 158 pages. The size of the book is 6X9 inches, it has more than 100 images,the book weight is 275 grams. [...]