Monotype printmaking without a press – video demonstration

Monotype print, Abbey Maulbronn

After long last I finally did a video and filmed how I do my monotype prints without using a press. I mounted my mobile phone over the glass plate and then started the film function. I interrupted the recording two times. This simple monochrome print took about an hour to make and I compressed the process into a 10 minute time-lapse. Under normal working conditions I need 2-3 hours for a print.

The basic steps in this example are:

1. painting basic forms and tonalities, adding structures by removing excess liquid with tissue

2. drawing with black oil stick color and modifying the drawing with brush sticks or other tools

3. adding or improving darkest tonalities, spurting color dots with a bristle brush on the paper
Here is more information on monoytpe printmaking.

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  1. Robyn Sinclair

    What a great Christmas gift to those of us who’ve been mystified as to how you achieve such beautiful results with your hand-rubbed monotypes.

    Now an apple orchard demo would be wonderful.

    And have a very happy Festive Season.

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