Monthly archive of January 2012

Please do not pin my images to pinnerspest , sorry Pinterest!

Tuesday, den 24. January 2012

A new social media website is coming up. gathers people and invites them to pin from the net to their virtual pinboards what they like and what they want to share. Yes, the net is for extroverts and this is their latest gimmick. What’s wrong with that, spoil sport? With each pin the members [...]

The new year begins with oil pastels

Tuesday, den 3. January 2012

The new year began in drizzling rain and oil pastels. I sketched with the nice medium soft neo pastels by Caran D’ache. The 6 color set I have has no orange, so I used the soft orange from an oil pastel set I got from Sri Lanka (Link to Homerun company). I spotted this plastic [...]