Pen drawings of a rural village, Illingen

Illingen, church and framework house

Beginning of October last year I took a little commission work. A person who had grown up in a nearby rural village named Illingen and later emigrated into the mediterranean asked me whether I could do some pen drawings of her home place for her. I liked the idea, the place is close by and I could draw some architecture from life. Unfortunately I am making only very slow progress. What I had not considered was how early in the afternoon it gets dark here, especially after the clocks switched to winter time. There is hardly any time left in day light after I get out of the office these days. I am glad and lucky that my patron is so very patient. Meantime I have finished two of in total four drawings that I will prepare for print and sale as reproduction prints on Zazzle (my Zazzle shop.

I do a bit of Photoshop editing on these drawings. Mainly adjusting the brightness and “cleaning” the background paper. Depending on how many line work is on a sheet my scanner will deliver a brighter or bit darker paper. Therefore I will have to adjust the paper colour to the same in all drawings.

Illingen, Krautgardens and houses

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