The new year begins with oil pastels

Plastic chair, oil pastel sketch

The new year began in drizzling rain and oil pastels. I sketched with the nice medium soft neo pastels by Caran D’ache. The 6 color set I have has no orange, so I used the soft orange from an oil pastel set I got from Sri Lanka (Link to Homerun company).

I spotted this plastic chair in our local vineyards. Some of the owners turn their property step by step into a micro holiday villa with car port and solar panels on the roof, most of these amendments are illegal. I prefer those traditional little wooden huts, which are the allowed version to store some tools etc. if necessary. As a matter of fact nobody needs such a hut and nobody would put valuable belongings in there.

huts in vineyards

Producing wine from these grapes is not very rewarding, especially not for people who do it as a hobby and have to deliver their harvest to the local winery. I once tasted one of those “raw” red wines based on the “Trollinger” grapes. It was an interesting experience so to speak, since I understood why the Romans added all kinds of spices and sugar to their wine.

Local vine yards in snow 2010

The photographs are from 2010. On the 1st of January 2012 we had no snow but incredible 8°C .

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