Hippie birdsday! A fun collage postcard with songbird and birds house

songbird with bird house, postcard for sale on Zazzle
Hippie birdsday – funny bird birthday postcard

I am still doing designs for my Zazzle shop on a regular basis, but I have slowed down a bit as the site has so many glitches as if it was in Hyper-Beta.
These are my latest creations for Zazzle. Those designs are a combination of drawings and digital manipulations. The coloring of birds, house and wooden stump is taken from gouache sketches which I added as a second layer behind the drawings with Photoshop elements. Each of the elements can be re-arranged and modified in size by the shopper. zazzle is unique in that way compared to other POD sites which allow only one image on a design. I appreciate that I can experiment with many elements or images in one design and that the buyer can decide whether an element is used or not and to some extent also how it is used.

Zazzle has added a number of new products, among them porcelain dinner plates which are nice, but frankly I wish they would fix the bugs first.

songbird and birds house, dinner plate
Bird, bird house and trees, collage illustration on dinner plate

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