Monthly archive of March 2012

Ink drawing – the trunk of a pear tree

Monday, den 26. March 2012

I managed to do this ink drawing just before a cold rain shower came down last weekend. Temperatures have gone up nicely and I look forward to continue the ink drawing series in my indian sketchbook during this summer. It is difficult to draw on that gampi paper which is a bit like blotting paper. [...]

Sketchbook resources – an update

Wednesday, den 21. March 2012

Buy this shirt on SKREENED Skreened is my new outlet for mostly odd or even slightly excentric shirts. This is a more conventional oilpastel drawing on a shirt for Black blues fans. Recently I updated my microsite on Sketchbooks (Link to Squidoo sketchbook site)and had to change a couple of links. I re-discovered and added [...]

Book review – Chronographie by Nikita Fossoul and Dominique Goblet

Monday, den 12. March 2012

Luc Tuymans – pen drawing by M.Stankewitz Finally I got a copy of Chronographie by Nikita Fossoul and Dominique Goblet. I feel lucky because as most of the books by Dominique Goblet also this one is practically out of print after short time. As far as I know the project is unique, it has taken [...]

From the diary of a tramp

Sunday, den 4. March 2012

Illingen – architecture pen drawing

Sunday, den 4. March 2012