Book review – Chronographie by Nikita Fossoul and Dominique Goblet

luy tuymans portraits
Luc Tuymans – pen drawing by M.Stankewitz

Finally I got a copy of Chronographie by Nikita Fossoul and Dominique Goblet. I feel lucky because as most of the books by Dominique Goblet also this one is practically out of print after short time. As far as I know the project is unique, it has taken years to completion which is typical for the works of Dominique Goblet. The book documents 10 years with portraits once per per week roughly. Each portrait drawing covers a full page.

The book is thick and heavy with hundreds of mutual portrait sketches and drawings. From my point of view it is interesting on different levels.

1. Drawing and illustration techniques
The book is a compendium of drawing and sketching multi media techniques. The book is filled of surprising works that inspire to leave well trotted paths in drawing and colouring.

The juxtaposition of the drawings by an experienced artists and a child that grows up and develops her own visual language is sparking more inspiration. Quite a few of the children drawings are stunning and downright beautiful and bring up questions about drawing skills and dexterity.

2. Nikita Fossoul and Dominique Goblet have written interesting introduction texts on the project (French and English). But the dialog in pictures between mother and daughter as it shows in the drawings talks in its own language and says more than 1000 words can say so to speak.

Particularly interesting is to see how the daughters approach changes from play to a more reflected approach as teenager or young adult.

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