Ink drawing – the trunk of a pear tree

Ink drawing, trunk of a pear tree, landscape drawing

I managed to do this ink drawing just before a cold rain shower came down last weekend. Temperatures have gone up nicely and I look forward to continue the ink drawing series in my indian sketchbook during this summer. It is difficult to draw on that gampi paper which is a bit like blotting paper. But I like the old-fashioned and simple look that the drawings on this paper inevitably get.

My new ink batch is a bit too fluid,but I am sure that will change soon under the spring and summer sun.
During the past years I have bought a enough stock of these photo album books, bound in old sari cloths from india, for future projects. I believe that works in books like these have a better chance to survive than single sheets of paper.

2 replies zu “Ink drawing – the trunk of a pear tree”

  1. Pauline Hughes

    Beautiful drawing, looks light and airy, I like the foreground work. Working hard at my drawing in Northumberland Langley woods, hope to post one soon. Regards

  2. Martin

    Hi Pauline, thank you for your compliment. If there is a chance to see your drawings on the net let me know and good luck with your drawing.

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