Sketchbook resources – an update

Craypon and pen illustration on craypen Blues t shirt
Buy this shirt on SKREENED Skreened is my new outlet for mostly odd or even slightly excentric shirts. This is a more conventional oilpastel drawing on a shirt for Black blues fans.

Recently I updated my microsite on Sketchbooks (Link to Squidoo sketchbook site)and had to change a couple of links.
I re-discovered and added the sketchbook resources on access art for reasons to my link list in this weblog. Access art covers many different aspects of keeping and making sketchbooks. A lot of the content is available free for non-members.

Urban sketchers net work is spreading more and more and I also want to point out to the website of the German illustrator Felix Scheinberger, who published books on sketching and the use of watercolors. His online sketchbooks are a unique source of inspiration. I like the way he smashes out those sketches.

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