Monthly archive of April 2012

oil pastel sketchbook – vineyard hut and bathtub

Tuesday, den 24. April 2012

Last year I altered a book, an art book with nice strong paper. I bought it two or three years ago, cheap, cheaper than a good blank sketchbook at a couple of Euros and knew that some day I would make something of it. In winter I painted all pages with thinned oil colors to [...]

Some final architecture drawing – pen drawing of a framework house

Sunday, den 15. April 2012

This massive three floor framework building is the town hall at the village of Illingen. After long last I completed the set of four drawings. The framework is quite helpful in drawing architecture as one can use it as a grid for measuring proportions. From now on there will be more tree and forest drawings [...]

# makes a statement and takes sides with their artists against Pinterest

Sunday, den 8. April 2012

The discussion about copyright infringements on Pinterest continues. That is necessary as the recent changes on TOS by Pinterest haven’t changed a bit as far as the copyright issues are concerned. In fact Pinterest owner Silberman has taken the route to protect himself better against potential lawsuits by dropping the audacious claim to reserve the [...]

A moment in my ordinary life

Wednesday, den 4. April 2012

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