# makes a statement and takes sides with their artists against Pinterest

Dr. Silberman rescues Copyright

The discussion about copyright infringements on Pinterest continues. That is necessary as the recent changes on TOS by Pinterest haven’t changed a bit as far as the copyright issues are concerned. In fact Pinterest owner Silberman has taken the route to protect himself better against potential lawsuits by dropping the audacious claim to reserve the right to re-sell images that have found their way on his platform, that’s all.

Sean Broihier the owner of Fineartamercia.com, a site that meantime more than 90 000 artist use, has written an open letter addressed to artists and art enthusiasts. The letter pins down the serious issues with sites like Pinterest.

Fineartamerica leaves it to their users whether they want to display/use the Pin button or other social media sharing buttons on their art listings or not. I wish other sites like Squidoo.com would do the same instead of readily assisting Dr.Silberman with the red copyright health care button.

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