Monthly archive of June 2012

The blurred landscape – 56 landscape photographs

Tuesday, den 26. June 2012

There is a new publication available on Blurb now. Over the last couple of months I have collected a portfolio of blurred landscape photographs. 56 photographs were selected and grouped for the 60 page book. I decided to publish this book as document for the latest change in my way to see and look at [...]

Ink and oil experiment – black mixed media tree landscape drawing

Monday, den 18. June 2012

One of the projects I had planned to work on this year is to experiment with ink drawings combined with oil and oil thinned oil colors as I use them in my monotype prints. Inspired by the works of Hanns Schimansky and another artist (I lost the link,but it is somewhere on this blog)who does [...]

In the forest again with oil pastels

Monday, den 11. June 2012

For the next small oil pastel sketch in the woods I selected a detail view of some trunks in the background. Is started with black and a dark grey as basic colors for the trunks and added other, lighter colors on top. Over time one learns about layering and depending on the wanted result may [...]

Coarse woody debris – oil pastel study of an old tree stump

Monday, den 4. June 2012

There a a couple of places in the woods that I like to revisit regularly for years now. One of those is a the edge of a beech forest clearing. Big trunks and tree stumps, coarse woody debris, are exposed to the elements, rain and heat throughout the year. I love the ,many delicate greys [...]