Ink and oil experiment – black mixed media tree landscape drawing

Tree landscape in ink and oil colors
One of the projects I had planned to work on this year is to experiment with ink drawings combined with oil and oil thinned oil colors as I use them in my monotype prints. Inspired by the works of Hanns Schimansky and another artist (I lost the link,but it is somewhere on this blog)who does amazing abstract ink drawings, I tried to find out more. Hanns Schimansky often covers the backside of his paper with ink which shines through to the front side and makes for the wonderful appearance of his sheets. The other artist I think is working on wet paper and adds ink in a very controlled way.

The tree landscape is one of three experimental sheets I did so far. The other two can be seen on my website as last entries next to line drawings.

At this stage I only wanted to explore what happens when oil colors meet ink on paper. The tree landscape emerged from imagination on abstract monotype patterns. To me it seems like a friendly invitation to go on with this…

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