The blurred landscape – 56 landscape photographs

There is a new publication available on Blurb now. Over the last couple of months I have collected a portfolio of blurred landscape photographs. 56 photographs were selected and grouped for the 60 page book. I decided to publish this book as document for the latest change in my way to see and look at landscape.

I appreciate the lack of detail and the quiet coming with the blur. There is room for the viewer’s imagination to activate all those landscape impressions seen and stored in memory. Apart from the pleasure those floating abstract color pattern may give that is the main reason I find these humble pictures so intriguing. (the blurred landscape: introduction essay and some selected pictures).

Since I work regularly outdoors I notice this inward movement at the end of the year and look forward to what spring might bring. This time the metamorphosis has taken some time and it seems the change is towards abstraction.

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