Monthly archive of July 2012

A couple of things to share….

Monday, den 30. July 2012

Yes, I still design some t-shirts…this is for the ambitious gardener (link to Skreened shop). I am way behind with writing about latest interesting finds on the net. So here comes a short list… 1. # has proven the only online notebook that is quick,easy and efficient enough to stay on my comp and mobile. [...]

Everything sucks – more than ever

Saturday, den 28. July 2012

Everything sucks, more than ever… design spam is a common desease on POD sites. But what can you do??? It is getting harder and harder to make your way in the POD world. Design spam, tag spam and last not least terrible, bad site performance turn POD sites more and more into painful experiences for [...]

The deer hunter goes out…

Monday, den 23. July 2012

In the early morning the deer hunter roams his revier. He hears a distant muffled clatter in the thicket, not much later here and there traces are found in the black moss covered soil, on young spruce the bark has been peeled off by the males rubbing their antlers. The twigs are broken quite high [...]

Tree landscape in floating gouache

Friday, den 13. July 2012

I love to play with floating gouache colors on colored paper scraps. This tree landscape emerged when I tried to transfer the experience of the blurred landscape photography into real colors. I used a lot of water, the colors were added and removed in several layers.

The deer hunt – working on a graphic novel after Ludwig Ganghofer

Sunday, den 1. July 2012

Finally I have started to work on a project I wanted to do for a long time: a graphic novel or comic strip. The main difficulty I had been to find a story. Beginning this year I found the right black and white media and the style formed more and more, but the story was [...]