A couple of things to share….

dance faster you slime, gardeners t-shirt
Yes, I still design some t-shirts…this is for the ambitious gardener (link to Skreened shop).

I am way behind with writing about latest interesting finds on the net. So here comes a short list…

1. # has proven the only online notebook that is quick,easy and efficient enough to stay on my comp and mobile. The bar code scanning with the mobile camera is great to save interesting books. (My public notebooks)

2.Some landscapes one of my favorite blogs had some great posts on landscape and writing recently. I commend to check on the material about Alice Oswald and others plus the intriguing library of the forest

3. If you do not know Olaf Hajek yet, you probably should change that. I think the man operates in the Bermuda triangle between illustration,craft and (decorative) art.

4. One of those Pinterest fans had this video on his blog. Of course I will not mention the blog, but the video on creativity by John Cleese, which proves once again that one needs to be terribly clever to play a fool.

5. Slowly I am mutating into a collector of zines. My latest acquisition on Bathysphere shop some beautiful material by Yosuke Yamaguchi.

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