Monthly archive of August 2012

Trees over jazz and rock discography

Friday, den 31. August 2012

I found an old paperback on my book shelf an AKAI Jazz and rock discography from the 1980′s and could not resists to use it a sketchbook for quick landscape notes. The drawing is made with a Pentel ink brush pen, a tool that I can highly commend.

Circles and lines – knitting the tree landscape

Friday, den 24. August 2012

My latest entry in the old style landscape drawing book consists of only two types of elements: circular and linear marks, vertical or horizontal.I started in the upper right corner and made my way to the left and downwards from there.

The forest diary – now as e-book avalaible thanks to the Blurb ebook editor

Friday, den 17. August 2012

Blurb has made a great change to their e-book feature. In the past e-books had to be a one to one copy of the print versions. I had problems with that because there was no good solution for double page pictures. In the print version I prefer to leave some extra space in the middle [...]

Recently in the woods – disturbing behaviour of a woodpecker in mating season

Tuesday, den 7. August 2012

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