Monthly archive of October 2012

Free online art books to read

Thursday, den 25. October 2012

Landscape invention in picturesque style On my reader today …things magazine with a cache of books. The met publications are a great resource for free art books and online or offline reading especially on american art, but not only. There are many interesting titles on the site, for example van Gogh in Arles. Not all [...]

Romantic landscape after Watelet

Thursday, den 18. October 2012

I have a fancy for romantic landscapes and antiques. As my wallet does not have the right size I have to create the objects of desire myself. This one is a picturesque landscape after Claude-Henri Watelet, an amateur painter who lived in the 18th century. I picked that subject (in fact an etching after Watelet) [...]

Seeing and drawing foreshortenings, tree trunk and a left hand

Wednesday, den 10. October 2012

For most people drawing foreshortening is difficult and I am no exception. I remember very well my first exercise from the Bert Dodson book “Keys to drawings” (my favorite drawing books on amazon). He requests the reader to draw the own left or right hand with the fingers pointing to the viewer. That exercise gets [...]