November landscape sketch in gouache

November landscape sketch in gouache paint

A typical November day, drizzling rain, moist air and a colossal grey sky with slowly moving clouds. I tried hard to capture those thin clouds that smoked from the wooded hill named “Burgberg” in the background. I have been there on top to meet the “Schreckstein” which translates to “the stone that scares you”. And indeed the name is justified. It is a big black massive landmark that suddenly appears in front of you while you walk on a narrow path through dense woods like a ghost from the nowhere. It is said that some wimpy lap dogs (not laptops) passed away by heart attack when meeting the “Schreckstein”, at least some pale bones lying around there suggest something like that, if nothing worse yet.

November landscape sketch of sky

As usual the thing is done down from the sky and from back to foreground. The grass around me and the thicket, that constantly whispered in my back, had been spaded by hordes of wild boar. Only recently a whopping number of seventy of them had been laid down on a single hunting afternoon. Unfortunately the sketch does not show these circumstances at all, instead it pretends a peaceful loveliness that seems to scorn the creator being a scared cat.

November landscape sketch, second step

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  1. Bridget hunter

    A great sketch which captures the weather so well. Pity so many animals had to die

  2. Martin

    Hello Bridget, thank you for your visit. The weather here possibly reminds a little bit of Scotland.

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