Sketching trees in rain with simple means – water soluble wax crayon pencil

autumn color forest image

It was raining, I wanted to do a gouache sketch, but the wind made things even more difficult. So I roamed the forest for some time and finally found shelter in an old shack with view on a tree landscape. There was just enough time left for a quick sketch an I picked “Woody”, the big water-soluble wax-graphite crayon pencil, the magic 3 in one from my bag.

Rain fell on my sketchbook as I lurked from underneath the low roof and the lines started to change to a beautiful dark flowing black, which later turned to soft water-color like light spots.
Sketching with this little thick pencil is fast and great fun. Event though the rain came down harder and harder I enjoyed my discovery entirely.

Trees in rain, graphite crayon drawing

At home I could see some nice textures that had developed as the wet surface had dried. Sketching in rain needs some willpower and the right clothing, but it is worthwhile for the rewarding surprises.

Trees in rain, graphite crayon drawing detail

To protect my moist sketch in the closed sketchbook on the walk home I covered the previous sketch pages and the sketch pages with a household fleece.

Sketches covered with kitchen fleece

2 replies zu “Sketching trees in rain with simple means – water soluble wax crayon pencil”

  1. Hans Lichtenberger

    Ich bewundere Deinen Willen auch bei schlechten Wetter hinauszugehen um kreativ zu arbeiten.Deine Zeichnungen sind großartig! Liebe Grüße!

  2. Martin

    Hallo Johann, vielen Dank für Deinen Besuch. Es gibt ja diesen schönen Spruch:” es gibt kein schlechtes Wetter, sondern nur die falsche Kleidung. Das stimmt zwar nicht 100%ig , es ist aber doch etwas wahres darn…

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